Deposit / Cancellation Policy

Deposits are required for workshops in the amount of half the tuition to secure limited spots. Full payment is due two weeks before the start of the session. All cancellations must be made 2 weeks before the start of a workshop. We cannot be responsible for issuing refunds, credits or transfers for classes missed due to illness, emergencies or events beyond our control. If a workshop is cancelled by us, all money will be promptly refunded.

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Academy Workshops


Lauren Sansaricq

Understanding the Sky for Artists

A Three-Day Workshop, Nov. 15 - 17,  2018, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

The sky is the heart of a landscape painting. In this studio workshop we will dive into studying and painting the sky with oils. We will discuss how the sky is changing at different times of day, and what consistent principles can be found. We will also talk about the different varieties of clouds and how they optically interact with the sky. Also atmospheric glazing and other types of glazing will be demonstrated. A combination of imagination and reference material from master paintings will be used, no photography.

Fee: $315. members  ($30 member fee) 

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Richard Scott

The Narrative Portrait Painting

A Five-Day Workshop, Dec. 26-30,  2018, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Finish the year with a five day intensive portrait workshop, exploring indirect painting techniques of the old masters with a focus on narrative development. Richard will walk you through the stages of conceiving, composing, and beginning a portrait. There will be helpful information on how to analyze your work in order to improve both your skills and give yourself the tools to express your vision.

We will explore both symbolism and how to express ideas through the composition itself. We’ll cover adaptive methods for utilizing the movement of the model, compositional changes due to the decision of the painter, and enhancing both analytical and intuitive approaches to painting.

Emphasis will be on balancing the detailed and accurate observation of light, form and anatomy - with composition and expression.

Fee: $425. members  ($30 member fee) 

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Jeremiah Patterson

The Figure in Watercolor

A Three-Day Workshop, Jan. 25-27,  2019, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

This three-day workshop will introduce the participant to the essential watercolor techniques necessary to gain total control of this wonderful medium and make paintings with rich color and full volumes of form. A model will be available. Participants will learn techniques that allow the watercolorist to ‘think ahead’, and therefore limit common watercolor problems. We will discuss the importance of a watercolorist’s ‘choice of materials’, including the workability and limitations within the range of pigments, brushes, and paper currently available. Technique instruction will focus on learning skills of laying washes, wet-into-wet, and highly refined finesse techniques to create luminous, highly realistic, transparent watercolors. We will work on building ‘good watercolor habits’, and develop brush handling skills. During the first day we will create a variety of ‘technique test sheets’, and ‘single object renderings’ to build skills in handling color and layering. This workshop will also include mini-lectures on color mixing, linear perspective and the illusion of depth & pictorial composition. Fee includes model fee.

Fee: $325. members  ($30 member fee) 

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John MacDonald

The Landscape Painting in Oils

A Five-Day Workshop, May 20-24, 2019, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

This workshop will focus on using photographs, sketches, and/or plein air studies as reference and will take place entirely in the studio. We'll explore the painting process and learn about the limitations of the camera and of using photographs for reference. For intermediate to advanced painters.

Teaching Philosophy:

My sole concern is helping you to discover what it means to paint like you, to help you become a more skilled artist as you develop your authentic voice. I teach the craft and the art of painting; the craft based on my 30-plus years as a painter and illustrator and the art from my experience as a creativity coach.

The craft entails the nuts and bolts of the visual language: value, composition, drawing, color, edges, details, variation, pattern, etc., seeing the basic structure of a landscape while learning to thoughtfully and skillfully choose which elements to include in one’s painting and which ones to leave out.  I emphasize proper seeing—looking closely at the existing color and tonal relationships—and then understanding and manipulating what is seen.

The art is about discovering your authentic voice and developing self-awareness as an artist. We learn to paint by painting. If we wish to increase our skill level there is no substitute for putting in long hours in the studio. But fear, perfectionism, the need for approval, the aversion to risk-taking—all of these can inhibit our willingness to paint. The ability to deal skillfully with these issues is as important as the ability to know how to mix the right color.

Fee: $475. members  ($30 member fee)

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