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5 March 2021

Plein Air: Bringing the Outside In

with  Paul Batch

3-Day Workshop  9:30 am-4:30 pm

March 5-7, 2021

Location and In-Studio Workshop

COVID Protocoled including HEPA Air Filtration


In this workshop, you will be given the power to move mountains and trees -- on your canvas. We will paint plein air one day producing multiple grisailles and color studies in oils. On the second and third day, we will compose a new oil painting each day, applying what we learned outside and allowing ourselves the freedom of self expression in the studio.

Each morning will begin with a demonstration, followed by independent painting time with Paul providing personal help at the easel, and ending with a group critique. A strong emphasis will be placed on composition and drawing. All levels of students are welcome. The intent of this workshop is not to walk away with a nice picture of your afternoon but, to discover the value of painting outside and the power of creation in the studio.


Fee : $295 with membership
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6 March

Figure Drawing Mastercopy

with  Tyler Berry

4 Saturday Virtual Workshop

March 6, 13, 20, 27, 2021

12 pm - 4 pm


Sharpen your figure drawing skills in this 4 day online workshop. The approach will be to analyze master drawings to reveal why they were successful. You will begin with the block-in framework, progress to rendering the values of the artistic anatomy as a conceptual framework of the human figure. This enables you to understand more advanced concepts, tracking progress and train with specific goals in mind. You will be instructed in all 4 progressive modules, but are encouraged to spend further time at each step as your skill level warrants. 

Each class will begin with a lecture/demo discussing and illustrating concepts, beginning of drawing, guidance and individual critiques. There will be weekly homework that students are strongly encouraged to complete.

 Week 1: Students can begin with a Bargue Figure drawing, focusing on comparative measurement, proportion, gesture, and utilizing straight lines and simple, flat shapes. This arrangement of flat shapes and spatial awareness is crucial to drawing accurately. Students familiar with Bargue can move into a choice of Figurative Mastercopies. 

 Week 2: Students will progress further on the fundamentals. Delineation of light and shadow, proportion, and very basic anatomical landmarks will be covered. 

Week 3: Continuing on the master copy drawing to establish a solid foundation of form modeling, and develop a sense of volume through an emphasis on concepts of light and form.

Week 4: Students will be introduced to structural anatomy to supplement their skills of observation with a conceptual understanding of the framework of the human figure, with an emphasis on the axial skeleton and its role in creating dynamic and sensitive gesture.

A selection of Mastercopies will be suggested.

Fee : $220. with membership
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15 April

Drawing the Self-Portrait Virtually

with  Sandra Sanchez

3-Day  Virtual Workshop

April 15 -17, 2021

9:30 am - 4:00 pm


We are offering this popular three day virtual workshop again!  

Participants will develop a highly resolved self portrait from life. We will begin with a linear block-in focusing on likeness, proportion, cranial anatomy, gesture and perspective. Next, participants will learn how to model their portrait, creating a sense of volume by analyzing the physics of light as it falls on form and organizing values. The instructor will create a demonstration drawing and provide individual critiques for each student. All skill levels, ages are welcome to participate. Althought this is a drawing class, this class will set the student on the road to painting the self portrait.

Fee : $250 with membership
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11 April

One-Day Figure Drawing Workshops

with  Kathryn Engberg

1-Day Workshop  Sunday, April 11:  9:30 am-4:00 pm

1-Day Workshop  Sunday, May 2:  9:30 am-4:00 pm

In-Studio with models

COVID Protocoled including HEPA Air Filtration



In this monthly 6 hr workshop, we will work with a live model holding a single pose. Kathryn will demo and lecture on starting a figure drawing block-in, anatomy and structure, light and form, thus modeling believable three dimension forms. Artists can use the time with the model to pursue their individual goals, whether that is practicing block ins, studying anatomy, or creating an figure drawing with abbreviated modeling. All skill levels are welcome.  Fee includes model cost.


Private Critiques with Kathryn Engberg

After months of independent and virtual study, many of us have a backlog of work in our studios. This is an opportunity to have a second set of eyes take a look at what you’ve been working on. For 30 minutes, Kathryn will look through your work withyou and discuss ways to finish or polish your works in progress. Whether you’re feeling stuck on a certain project, preparing for an application, or just want some general feedback, all are welcome. Please bring between 1-6 works for a private critique.

Fee:  $50 per 30 minutes:  Please select time: 8:45am, 4:15pm, 5pm on both Sundays 


Fee : $120 per day for Workshop with membership
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14 May

The Chromatic Still Life in Oils Virtual Workshop

with  Samuel Hung

4-Day Workshop  9:30 am-4:30 pm

May 14-17, 2021

Virtual Workshop



In this 4-day virtual workshop, students will be focusing on the fundamentals of still life painting in oils with chromatic objects. 

Emphasis will be given on composition, drawing accurately, concepts of modeling light on form and color theory. Participants will be guided through the process of completing a still-life painting from start to finish and you will achieve a better understanding of judging value relationships and mixing color accurately for chromatic objects in a painting. There will be daily demos and individual guidance. A list of suggested items students can paint will be supplied. 


Fee : $355. with membership
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Paint Beautiful Flowers With Luminescent Color

with  Diana Reeves

5-Day Workshop  9:30 am-4:30 pm

Please note this workshop is being moved to June 2021


Paint gorgeous flowers with confidence and joy! Learn to paint roses and other fresh flowers, as well as how to mix accurate, luminescent color during this five-day workshop.  

Fee : with membership
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Still Life Workshop in Oils

with  Carlo Russo

4-Day Workshop  9:30 am-4:30 pm

Please note this workshop is being moved to September 2021


This 4 day workshop will focus on still life painting fundamentals. The students will first make a fairly simple line drawing of their set up, and when finished will transfer the drawing onto a pre-primed panel. Over the course of the next several days the painting will be developed in a multi-step process which will give the objects a strong sense of form, color and depth. The instructor will offer daily demonstrations to help reinforce the technique and will offer plenty of individual help and critique to the students.


Fee : $455. with membership
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Deposit / Cancellation Policy

Deposits are required for all classes and workshops in the amount of half the tuition to secure limited spots. Full payment is due two weeks before the start of the session. All cancellations must be made 2 weeks before the start of a class or workshop. We are not responsible for issuing refunds, credits or transfers for classes/workshops missed due to illness, emergencies or events beyond our control.  If a workshop is cancelled by us, you will receive a refund.

All requested refunds (within 2 weeks of the start of the class or workshop) from online payments will be returned via check. A 5% refund fee will be subtracted from the amount paid through online payments. 

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