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22 April

Floral Painting in Oils

with  Carlo Russo
4-Day Workshop: April 22 - 25, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Florals can be a daunting subject and we will try to make sense of the the beautiful forms which have fascinated and frustrated artists for centuries. Since flowers and plants tend to move from day to day and even hour to hour the students will draw and oil paint directly on the canvas with the brush only. The focus will be on capturing the essentials of the still life and finishing areas wet in to wet. I will give frequent demonstrations, help and critique as we explore the unique nature of flowers and plants in paint. For any level from beginner to advanced.

Fee : 395. with membership
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20 May

The Landscape Painting in Oils

with  John MacDonald
5-Day Workshop: May 20 - 24, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
    Workshop Full

If you paint a snow scene, your viewer should shiver.
A beach scene should let the viewer feel the warmth of the sun, and hear the seagulls.
To paint emotional landscapes, it's important to study with a master landscape artist who has conquered the nuances of light, the energy of the foliage, and the perfect balance of color — to create an atmosphere where you can tell the temperature just by looking at the scene.
John MacDonald is careful to emphasize that there are no secrets or shortcuts provided in this workshop. Instead, John will offer a fresh approach  by giving you a deeper understanding of the entire process to create an important and visually stunning work.
John lays out the painting process in three steps:

  • Concepts you can understand on an intellectual level
  • Demonstrations so you can see the concepts take form in practice
  • Participation, because the only way you will learn to paint is to paint

Fee : 475. with membership
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17 June

Portrait Painting a Model in Oils

with  Kathryn Engberg

5-Day Workshop:  June 17-21, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm


In this 5 day workshop, participants will develop a fully rendered portrait painting done in the indirect painting method. Each step of the indirect process – drawing, transfer, underpainting, and final painting – will begin with a demonstration by Katie, and proceed to thorough individual critiques.

The first few days will be particularly focused on capturing the likeness of the model using tools such as comparative measuring, tilt checking, shape finding, and plumb lines. After transferring the drawing, we will discuss creating a pleasing composition, as well as paint handling and creating the illusion of form. There will be lecture and critique time dedicated to color mixing and how to adjust hue, value, and chroma to accurately portray the model’s skin tones.

Artists may also choose to draw the portrait for the full 5 days instead of working with oil. Model fee extra.

Fee : 490. with membership
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8 July

10-Day Still Life in Oils Workshop

with  Christina Mastrangelo
10-Day Workshop: July 8-12, July 15-19, 9:30am - 4:30pm

Learn how to paint a realistic still-life in a supportive, academic, inspiring environment. The goal of the course is to introduce artists to the representational painting world, understand the observational painting process, and come away with a beautiful painting. Working from life in the sight-size method (no gridding, tracing, or projecting- only drawing from life), students will learn how to overcome the challenges of painting a variety of objects, including cloth, metal, wood, glass, or perishables, and how to push past visual limits to extend the illusion of depth and realism.  We explore line, shape, form, color, texture, edges, composition, and a logical process that makes creating this type of work streamlined and obtainable. Relevant short demonstrations will be given each day, and as students work on their painting they will be guided and critiqued suited to their individual pace and needs.  Besides watching, painting, lectures, and critiques, Christina's much-loved handouts further enhance the learning experience. You will come away knowing how to confidently paint a still life from start to finish, including how to use the sight-size method, draw and paint with accuracy, mix and match exact colors, use mediums in layers, deal with sinking-in, care for palettes and brushes, set up a still life, set up studio lighting, promote the archival nature of your painting, varnish, and more.  Gain confidence no matter your prior experience, and feel satisfied knowing that everything learned here will translate well into drawing or painting any subject from life.

If you are taking the class for the second time, you have the option to learn how to paint red drapery. It is a completely different glazing technique. 

If you are taking the class for a second time and don’t want to paint red drapery, you have the option to set up your own still life with your own objects.  

Course outline and material list upon request.

Fee : 1200. with membership
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