To see is the student’s first and last concern. Without a well-trained eye a student can never rise above mediocrity. If there ever was a secret of the old masters, it surely was their extraordinary ability to see.
– Richard F. Lack

Wethersfield Academy for the Arts

The Academy embraces several art disciplines where students, working directly with professional artists, are guided and encouraged to develop their unique gifts and talents. We provide opportunities in art classes, workshops, and art lectures for the novice through the professional to benefit from study, apprenticeship, exhibition and performance, and to promote the arts in the best classical tradition for enjoyment and inspiration.

We encourage all artists to hone their drawing abilities as this is the beginning of your skill set as an artist. Thus, our Charles Bargue inspired classical drawing classes are a way to develop drawing exactly what you see; your sight-size understanding. The process requires patience but is rewarding. Join our studio community in developing this knowledge. 

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