Youth Art Programs


Youth Drawing & Painting

with  Nick Frasco

Saturdays – 2 hours between 9 - 11am and 11:15 - 1:15pm
Start anytime 6-week session ongoing for ages - Ages 7 & up





This ongoing and very popular course will teach young people the fundamentals of drawing, composition and painting, how to mix and apply paint, and the use of a variety of art materials. Students may bring a project of their own on which to work. The ultimate goal of the Youth Program is to create a work of art that is satisfying
Class fee does not include materials.
Please email us for the materials list.

Fee : $195 with membership
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Youth Painting and Drawing<br>

11 Jan.

DaVinci Initiative

with  Veronique

Mondays, 5:30 - 8:30pm, 6-week session ongoing
Ages 12 & Up 



This classical drawing course was designed by Mandy Hallenius from the DaVinci Initiative and was specifically created for children in grades 9 through 12 (12 to 19 years old).

They will increase their visual literacy by applying a drawing process, learning new techniques for identifying and correcting drawing errors, and practicing their hand-eye coordination. Students will learn these drawing skills by re-creating a Bargue plate as carefully as possible as they learn proportion, values, and other essential drawing skills. These are time-honored methods of learning to draw what you see in training for future art endeavors. Many famous artists such as Picasso, NC Wyeth, G. Parrish trained in Bargue Drawing. 

Bargue Plates are part of a French 19th century drawing course created by Jean-Léon Gérome and Charles Bargue.

Jump-ins possible.

Fee : $195 with membership
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Anime and Character Development

with  Nick Frasco

Thursdays, 3:30 - 5:30pm, 6-week sessions
Ages 8 & Up 






Starting with rough sketches in black & white to design layouts of Japanese style comic characters. New style effects using different techniques will be demonstrated and students can develop their own characters and stories.  Color pencil, marker, or watercolor for the final. 


Fee : $195 with membership
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6 Jan.

Fundamentals of Oil Painting

with  Veronique

Wednesdays, 5-8pm,  6-weeks




Learn to paint realistically with the oil paint medium. We will look at different techniques from the Renaissance to the 19th Century, including the Flemish technique and the technique of Bouguereau. Working in sight-size and from life, we will examine the process beginning with the preliminary composition on paper in graphite then the transfer to canvas. Discover or review the underpainting by first blocking in the background and working on big shapes. Students will learn how to mix accurate values and colors and how to create a realistic sense of dimensional form. Everyone will work at their own pace, allowing both beginners and experienced painters to join. 


Fee : $250 with membership
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12 Jan

Feather, Fur and Skin in Oils

with  Nick Frasco

A 6-week Online Class

Starting Tues.,  Jan. 12, 2021; 6:30pm to 8:30pm


This class will be conducted in oils. For beginners to experienced painters, all ages. Learn the fundamental elements of composition, depth and perspective as well as color mixing and paint application i.e. as to skin textures and layering of hair or feathers.  These are the foundations for any successful wildlife painting.

Fee : $185 with membership
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Cancellation Policy

All requests for refunds must be made by one week before the start of a class. We are not responsible for issuing refunds, credits or transfers for classes missed due to illness, emergencies or events beyond our control. 

All requested refunds from online payments will be returned via check. A 5% refund fee will be subtracted from the amount paid through online payments. 

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