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Kathryn Engberg

Kathryn Engberg embarked on her classical art training at the Grand Central Atelier soon after graduating high school in Salisbury, Maryland. Being the third generation artist in her family, she was exposed to art from a young age. Kathryn exhibits work in galleries across Maryland alongside her mother and grandmother, Massachusetts and California. She is the recipient of multiple scholarships including those from the Grand Central Atelier and Art Renewal Center. She currently teaches at Grand Central Atelier and the Wethersfield Academy for the Arts.


Nick Frasco

Nick FrascoWith a Bachelors Degree from Paier College of Art for Illustration Nick also holds a Diploma degree in Fine Arts. He has also studied  and earned a certificate abroad at the College of Urbino in Italy. Nick enjoys working with children, to guide them at a young age to embrace their artistic abilities.With the right approach, he is able to bring out the untapped talent in young people. Nick feels teaching children is his true calling in life, and he is very committed and passionate about his role at R.J. Kinsella Magnet school of Performing Arts, where he is a full time Enrichment Program art teacher.

Eliza Moser

Eliza Moser began her art career in 2012, when her first oil painting was accepted into the Academic Artist Association's 62nd National Exhibition and received the Academic Council Award. She was the youngest artist to ever be accepted into the annual exhibition at that time, and has since had her work displayed in various local and national exhibitions. Eliza studied the Angel Academy methods with Christina Mastrangelo for 5 years. She has since graduated from The Florence Academy of Art in Italy.

In 2018 Eliza founded Professional Artist Interviews, a website by artists for artists, which focuses on business strategies and steps artists can take towards building a viable art career. Eliza views the development of classical technique not as a hindrance to artistic expression, but as an important and necessary aid which gives artists the skills to express their ideas with more freedom.  She presently teaches in MA and CT.

Steve Linberg

Steve Linberg studied at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and privately in the classical mode over many years with Graydon Parrish, one of the world's foremost figurative painters and historians. He and Graydon co-founded The Classical Lab in 2012, devoted to teaching the science of fine art, with a special focus on color theory and the Munsell color system. He co-administrates the Rational Painting website, a forum focused on the empirical, factual and technical aspects of drawing and painting, and also studies hyperrealism at the Ani Waichulis Academy. His interests include all areas related to classical and figurative art, including Bargue, cast, and figure drawing, color science, human anatomy, modes of learning, art history, and the pursuit and refinement of rational principles in the service and creation of art.