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Deposits are required for all classes and workshops in the amount of half the tuition to secure limited spots. Full payment is due two weeks before the start of the session. All cancellations must be made 2 weeks before the start of a class or workshop. We cannot be responsible for issuing refunds, credits or transfers for classes missed due to illness, emergencies or events beyond our control. If a workshop is cancelled by us, all money will be promptly refunded.



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Wethersfield Academy for the Arts

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Connecticut’s Classical Atelier Program


The Atelier program at Wethersfield Academy for the Arts provides the serious artist-in-training an opportunity to be coached and mentored by a distinguished faculty member. Atelier students work side-by-side with their instructors in the beautiful north light studio. Students are provided with individual space within the studio to complete projects independently or with the guidance of their instructor. It is advisable to meet with an Atelier instructor before the beginning of each session. For more information, please contact the Academy at 860-436-9857.


Introduction to Oil Painting   

Instructor: Tsultrim Tenzin

Students will learn the fundamentals of oil painting. We will start with an overview lecture on materials and their uses. The following classes will include exercises in color mixing and finally building up to accurate master copies. Students should leave the class with a basic understanding of their materials, light and form, hue/value/chroma, and paint application. 

Wed.,  April 18, 2018     5:00-8pm    6 weeks

Fee: $260 for members;  $30 yearly membership 

Material List

The Portrait in 3 Colors   6-weeks

Instructor: Kathryn Engberg

In this weekly class, we will explore the aesthetics of classical three color chalk drawings. Over the course of 6 weeks, we will draw from the same model creating a fully rendered portrait drawing in black, red, and white pencil. In addition to studying the structure and forms of the head, the three colors allow the artist to capture the subtlety of hue variation that is so characteristic of skin. Individual critiques, demos, and group lectures will be given on blocking in, light and shadow, skull structure/anatomy, as well as appropriate use of white chalk and black/red pencil.

Wed., April 25, 2018,  1-4pm  6 weeks

Fee per Session: $270 for members;   $30 yearly membership    Model fee extra paid at beginning of session

Material List

Atelier Bargue Drawing    6-weeks

Instructor: Steve Linberg

These drawing courses are based upon the 19th C. French Academic drawing course designed by Charles Bargue. Students will start with graphite pencil on paper, receiving demonstrations on materials, how to approach a drawing, sight-size and comparative measurement drawing, and tricks to aid in the making of more representational drawings. Students will be given a group demonstration on technique, and then work individually on practicing this technique for understanding. The curriculum starts with simple projects and moves progressively onto harder more complex work, each one incorporating more techniques to build upon previous lessons.  

Students will be working on more complex Bargue drawings, incorporating the fundamentals learned and adding new challenges of value, intricacy, and size. Development of your skills depends on focus in conjunction with demonstrations, practice, and continual guidance. Emphasis is on accuracy and training your eye so as not to be dependent on grids or tracing, thus making it possible to pursue drawing actively and freely in other areas like portraiture from life and landscape sketching. There is also a some homework that is recommended but not mandatory. 

This is an ongoing class that students go at their own pace once they get started. Bargue #1 continues onto #2 all the way up to #4. The weeks are split into 6 week sessions. The principals taught are progressive and presented for the duration of the session.   Email us for jump-in registration.


Session 3   Monday, April 9, 2018: Afternoon: 1:30 - 4:30pm or Evening: 5:30 - 8:30pm   6 weeks

Session 4   Monday, May 21, 2018: Afternoon: 1:30 - 4:30pm or Evening: 5:30 - 8:30pm   6 weeks

Fee per Session: $270. members; $30. yearly membership


Material List

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Figure Drawing  

Instructor: Kathryn Engberg

This 6-week class will assist the student to develop the block in to render the figure in knowledge of anatomy, form and light to achieve a detailed drawing of the figure.  Beginner to advanced students are welcomed.

Wed., April 25, 2018, 5-8pm  6-weeks

Fee per Session: $270 for members;   $30 membership per year    Model fee extra paid at beginning of session

Material List

Cast Drawing and Painting   

Instructor: Tsultrim Tenzin

Students begin by learning the basics of the "block in" in which a linear drawing of the subject is created with an emphasis on accuracy of shape, proportion, and gesture. From the block in stage, the students will move into the modeling stage, in which the forms of the subject are rendered in an entirely three-dimensional way. We will discuss the fundamentals of light, value study and how it reacts with form using graphite on a two-dimensional surface. Students will complete one cast drawing with a strongly developed sense of depth and realism. This cast drawing class will serve as an introduction to the concepts of academic art that can be applied to all other areas of classical drawing and painting.  For the Cast Painting: the first few days will still be spent drawing. 

Wed., April 18, Session 1: 1-4pm or Session 2: 5-8pm    Both can be taken      6-weeks

Fee per Session: $260 for members;   $30 yearly membership

Material List for Cast Painting

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Landscape Drawing 

Instructor: Paul Batch

For centuries many of the greatest landscapes ever created began with drawing. Field sketches were an integral part to composing the masterpieces that came out of the Hudson River School. This course will provide the fundamentals needed by students seeking to further their understanding of both nature and how a landscape is constructed. There will be an emphasis on identifying shapes and executing details with accuracy. Demonstrations will be provided offering different approaches on how to achieve this. Classes will be held both outside and in the studio.

Fridays, starting April 6:  1pm - 4pm   6-weeks

Fee: $270 for members;   $30 yearly membership 

Materials List

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Drawing Drapery

Instructor: Eliza Moser

Learn how to draw or paint one of the most beautiful and challenging subjects in the history of art, drapery. Beginners will work with charcoal and chalk on toned paper, while more advanced students have the option to paint. Each student will work from a complex arrangement of cloth, and learn how to simplify and then develop their work to mimic folds of drapery.

Thursdays, starting May 10,  1- 4pm   6-weeks

Fee: $260 for members;   $30 yearly membership 

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Still Life Drawing

Instructor: Eliza Moser

Learn the basics of still life in this drawing course, suitable for beginners and any level of artistic training.  Beginner students will leave this course with a solid understanding of the basics of drawing, while advanced students will learn how to push the boundaries of their skills.  Over the course students will learn how to take their drawing from a simple block-in, to a finished drawing with a full value-scheme and realistic sense of form. Each day will begin with a short exercise, designed to introduce students to all the essential drawing concepts in a memorable way. 

Mondays, starting May 7,  5pm - 8pm   6-weeks

Fee: $260 for members;   $30 yearly membership 

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Youth Arts Program

Youth Program - Drawing
Ages 6 and Up     6-week session 

Instructor: Nick Frasco

This course will teach the basic fundamentals of drawing, composition and painting, how to mix and apply paint, and use of a variety of art materials. Students may bring a project of their own to work on. The ultimate goal of the Youth Program is for the student to enjoy a rewarding experience and to create a work of art that is satisfying. Now extended to 2 hours per week for 6 weeks. 

Saturdays –  Two hours within 9:30-12:00pm; 6-week sessions ongoing (sign up for any Saturday)
Fee: $195. member; $25 yearly youth membership

Cartooning and Animation
Ages 6 and Up     6-week session 

Instructor: Nick Frasco

Learn to create your very own original Cartoon Character. Instructor Nick Frasco, will go over the different characteristics of drawing a dynamic character of your own. Starting by drawing their faces in a "cartoon style ", simplifying them into shapes and paying attention to depth while giving them a three dimensional look and drawing them from every imaginable angle. Once you have mastered these techniques, you will be well on your way to creating your own dynamic cartoon character.

Mondays  4-6pm; 6-week session
Fee: $170. member;  $25 yearly youth membership

Wethersfield Academy for the Arts continually adds new courses to its curriculum.

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