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The Atelier Method


The Classical Atelier Program 

Wethersfield Academy for the Arts provides the serious artist-in-training the opportunity to be coached and mentored by a distinguished faculty member in the classical methods to the figure, portrait and still life. One does not need previous instruction to join the Atelier program. It is open to the beginning student to the professional artist wanting to further their skills. One simply signs up to begin.

The Classical tradition of art is rooted in the study of the natural world and the recognition that the human form reflects the order and balance found there. By extension, this tradition also holds that, through a close observation of all aspects of nature, artists will acquire the knowledge and skill necessary to communicate their own ideas through visual art unencumbered by gaps in technical training.  It all begins with drawing, continues with drawing practice, as drawing reveals insights and brings you to the door of the better painting. Below are the suggested sequence of of classes to begin the classical study. The monthly workshops are the concentrated studies with specific instructors who have unique areas of specialty.

The Atelier Studio - This unique North light studio is located on the second floor of the Academy. It is a space dedicated to the Atelier student to work with concentration along side of their peers.  The space is designed to inspire the student in a supportive working environment. Students can develop relationships with their peers while working together in a studio that fosters support and respect amongst each other so that they can gain confidence and knowledge that will help them pursue their own artistic endeavors.

Studio A - Our large room at the Academy, is a multipurpose room for lectures, workshops, and larger classrooms.

Bargue Drawing (4 Bargue Plates)

Drawing the Cast (2 Casts)

Painting the Cast

Figure Drawing 1

Figure Drawing 2 Long Pose   

Figure Drawing 3 Anatomy

Drawing the Portait (2)

Painting the Portrait in Oils

Master Copy in Oils

Painting the Figure in Oils

Still Life in Oils

Landscape Drawing (2)

Landscape Painting in Oils


A longer and more defined program is under proposal for students interested in the classical approach.